Wynn Las Vegas Room Remodel: First Look

Sunday, 8:34pm, enjoying a nightcap with a friend outdoors during an unseasonably warm California evening. They say you’re not supposed to check your phone in social settings because, you know, you might receive an email that says…

Just finished a trip to Wynn this weekend and took some photos of the new room renovations… Would love to share them.

Instantly, my company that evening was worthless.

Right under our noses, Todd-Avery Lenahan has been displaying his talent as the new head of Wynn Design and Development in a video running at the Wynn Home Store. Here are screenshots, literally, of that video.

Lots to absorb here. First, it’s more than just finishes and furnishings; serious demolition work will be happening, especially in the bathrooms. Scrapping the cream marble for deep mahogany finishes on the front of the sinks sets a more masculine tone for the bathroom—so masculine in fact that they did away with the central vanity altogether.

In the guest rooms, the individual seats at the foot of the bed give a heightened sense of separation between living and sleeping spaces. Four-poster beds seem over-indulgent for a 2700-room resort; I bet they’re saving that feature exclusively for Tower Suites. Regardless, I don’t like them because I foresee getting drunk enough to accidentally straddle a post. I love the Salon suite, but will sorely miss the current design (also found in the Parlor and ghetto/bookable Fairway Villas); it’s not dated, it lacks nothing, and it still feels infinitely luxurious.

Overall, the new rooms seem equal parts chinoiserie and retro. Furnishings with exposed frames suggest minimalism in a space that’s anything but minimalist. There’s maybe even a touch of Achaemenid-inspired art. I love it in the standard guest rooms, but in pictures alone, I’m not so sure they’re a significant improvement over the current suite designs. They’ve dialed back on this screaming hot Encore Macau suite and I kinda’ wish they hadn’t.

Pictured above is the whole television with another shot of the Salon suite. It appears the video Ken Burns Effect’d out pertinent information. Could it say “Wynn Las Vegas | June – 2022”?

Can’t wait that long? Now you can have your home feel like Wynn Las Vegas 2022 before Wynn Las Vegas!

It looks like they’re selling the effin’ furniture already in semi-mocked up rooms! Notice that there’s framed photos of the new accommodations hanging on the walls. That’s some interior design inception shit.

So what do you guys think? Is Lenahan living up to the Thomas legacy?


  1. Bettina Bathsburg · February 3

    I sincerely hope there’s a separate vanity area planned. Am I supposed to put on a full face while standing, like I’m 15 and using the testers at the mall before the Clinique lady shoos me away?

    I will miss the beige on beige of the current rooms, but I rather like the minimalist chinoiserie thing. Just…y’all, I need a place to sit and do my hair and makeup. Please. This isn’t the Park MGM.


    • Justin B · February 4

      I agree. This looks like Park MGM. Really hope they re-tool this a little. I’m a fan of Todd-Avery Lenahan but his team should take more inspiration from Wynn Macau which incorporates both chinoiserie & the signature wynn elegance.


  2. Marie Antonelli · February 4

    I miss Steve Wynn! This renovation is turning some of the best rooms on the Vegas strip into mall-decor.


  3. Kelly · February 11

    I do not like this style at all. I feel the rooms currently have a timeless and elegant feel. I enjoy having a place to sit and put on makeup. It would be a let down to walk into this , remembering the excellence of the current rooms. I would have to try out new hotels in Vegas.


  4. Tara S · February 12

    I don’t like this at all. Where am I supposed to lay out everything I use on the vanity?? Clearly, a man’s design. The furniture/artwork/rug is all too busy. It just clashes. I found the current rooms to be too light …but calming. This would give me a headache staying in there.


  5. Harshit Singh · March 13

    New room certainly looks more rich in feel than current rooms because of different colors used and finishes but i still think the current rooms looks much better than this , They can easily last next 5 years without feeling dated. This style of decor will suit more suites rather than standard rooms


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